Native Interpretation Site

The Native Interpretation Site is a great place to start your visit!

Long before fur traders, Gold Rush miners, ranchers and settlers arrived in this valley, people of the Shuswap Nation followed a nomadic lifestyle here for thousands of years. Local Stuctwesemc (“Stluck-TOW-uhsen”) people from the Bonaparte Reserve have reconstructed traditional shelters, hunting and fishing gear, cook pits, and many other items you would find in a Shuswap Village. You will also have a rare opportunity to see an actual ‘Kekuli’ pit house, built half above and half under ground. Interpreters may be available to show you crafts, tools, and technologies of a self-sufficient culture that has always closely integrated the natural resources of this region into their lifestyle. 

The Native Interpretation Center has many traditional displays and artifacts that have interpretive signage, Native Site Interpreters may be available to answer questions.